Let's start PRACTISING English in a Fun Way,together with some effort, using a great variety of Teaching and Learning Resources.

Some CLUES to have in mind Before Teaching English:

*The first step when facing a class  is really important because  it will support the rest of the activities and will certainly catch the STUDENT'S ATTENTION. This 'WARM UP' for every Lesson is ESSENTIAL and should be prepared thoroughly. Most of the Learning Success will depend on it!! 
That's why I always recommend teachers should think about it carefully.

* It could be :
                     A Song, a Rhyme, a Chant.
                     A Flashcard, a Wordcard, a Picture.
                     A Guessing Action, a Game, a Mime.
                     A Sentence on the board, a Puppet,
                     And.....even an English Joke!, etc

And you.....What do you usually do?

For example, if you want to teach animals in a childrens' class, a good introduction can be the popular song...'Old Mac Donald' ....but if you are dealing a topic with secondary students,  related to listening and the relation between father and son...then you could ask your students to listen to Cat Stevens's song 'Father and Son', complete the Lyrics and later promote discussion about it.......To make them SPEAK! Try it and let me know. I've had great  and rewarding experiences about it.

But it's a pity how primary school children rarely sing songs in some schools.Songs can surely develop a lot of skills in children.
So, if your are a teacher, ask yourself: 'How many songs do my studens know and how many have they sung in my classes?
I f the answer is 'only a few' or 'none'....there is still time to change.

See you later!